16 problems that only short people face

While short people are extremely cute and lovable, there is no doubt that they face problems that taller humans can never understand. Let us have a look at the list of difficulties our tiny friends face:

1. You’re rarely ever going to reach the shelves at the top without standing on the counter. But if it were your tall friend, they’d swoop in and grab that jar of Nutella for you.

2. Clothing may run up to your shoulders even when you don’t want it to. You can never expect a short person to have cold shoulders.

3. When you’re trying to look for your XS shirt at the store, but can’t reach the top bundle and need a lift from your friend.

4. When you can’t bend enough over the sink to see if your eyeliner is on point and need to get onto the bathroom counter to dress up for the night.

5. When your family drives a truck around and getting into it includes a mini-workout of its own.

6. Being a short girl, even guys that ask you out for prom have a funny way of doing it.

7. When you can’t even reach the self-insert boards or mirror paintings because you’re too short.

8. The car shades do not protect you from sunlight in any manner. Do automobile companies assume everyone to be tall?

9. Your husband won’t take your fights seriously because he can’t look you in the face. It sounds like a solution for a happy marriage.

10. Short people are rarely ever visible in the group selfies because no one follows the height order.

11. Sometimes it may even be a task to get onto the bed, only if it is extraordinarily tall.

12. You can never really use a non-front loader washing machine as you may drown.

13. The life of a short person is a constant struggle between being able to reach the top shelves and between trying to touch the ground with their feet.

14. If you have a tall boyfriend, things are going to get a little difficult in your relationship.

15. You may not even reach your window to be able to open it. Look at this picture and how difficult it is for the girl to do something as basic as that.

16. You probably won’t be able to see yourself in the mirror. How are you going to fix your eyeliner or mascara at a club?