Almost every other hotel has a pool in it. Then they have pools that elevate the very notion of what a pool is meant to be. They are not only stunning, but are also located in pristine places, making them a must-visit for any nature lover. You might have seen many of these in numerous Instagram feeds earlier, and must have always dreamt of taking a swim in them. Finally, we have the list for you.
However, swimming in one of these pools isn’t going to be as easy, as you need to indulge in some luxury at some of the elitist resorts on the planet. But like they say, ‘everything is fair in love and war’ – we completely agree! So, get ready to be fascinated by some of the most breathtaking pools on the planet. We’d like to warn you in advance – choosing one out of these ten isn’t going to be a piece of cake, as they’re all totally mesmerizing!


Located in the One & Only Reethi Rah resort in pristine Maldives, the Serenity Pool is indeed a breathtaking marvel. It merges visually into the waters of the ocean, while the horizon seems like a continuous stretch of the color blue, thanks to its unique design. Talking of the design, the pool has a very minimalistic and sleek design that adds to the aesthetics of the pool. Just lie down on one of the stone beds or venture into the jacuzzi after taking a swim and you’ll get a very surreal feeling. The lap pool is one-hundred-foot long and is only meant for adults so that you can peacefully spend some time away from the chirpy youngsters!
Why visit? The One & Only Reethi Rah Serenity Pool is definitely one of the finest calm-inducing pools you will ever come across. Relax in the heavenly blue waters that are surrounded by beautiful palm trees – it is totally worth visiting.


If you thought that swimming in an infinity pool in Swiss Alps during winters was a bad idea, think again. The Cambrian Hotel infinity Pool is the perfect pool you have been looking for all your life. The pool looks like an extension of the main structure of the hotel into the fields in such a way that allows you to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountains. Now, you will definitely be ‘chilled out’ in the pool, but not because of the extreme cold weather! The pool has waters that are heated to around thirty-two degrees centigrade, which makes it a perfect place to be in if you have any aches or pains because of the hiking or skiing. Also, you don’t have to worry about cold even when you step out of the pool, either. This pool is connected with the indoor pool, which is separated by a special door and you can easily swim from the outer pool to interior one without a fret.
Why visit? The pool’s location is one of the finest on this planet. To top it off, swimming in warm waters while enjoying ice-capped Swiss Alps has to be the best feeling on the planet!


This rooftop pool in the Joule Hotel, Dallas is incredibly beautiful and unique. The pool, obviously, is only meant for guests, so you need to get a room for yourself in this grand hotel. The hotel, which was built in 1927, has quite a rich and interesting historical significance. It was originally the main office of the Dallas National Bank, and it still has the artwork and design of that era. However, the rooftop pool is modern and worth every penny.
The pool is also admired for its architectural design, as it branches out from the main building from the tenth floor of the hotel! The extension is around eight feet long, which overlooks the Main Street, Dallas and boasts of a glass side wall that allows views of the street down below – enough to trigger an acrophobia attack, we guess!
Why visit? If you have the honor of swimming in this magnificent pool, you can boast of it to your Instagram followers, apart from enjoying yourself to the fullest as well!


Adding to the list of ‘pools having views’, the Grace Santorini Hotel Infinity Pool has a view so stunning it will make you spellbound! This hotel is located on the top of a cliff and the crystal-clear blue waters of this infinity pool merge with the color of the beautiful Aegean Sea.
While you can also enjoy swimming during the daytime in this infinity pool, which is equally impressive and will fulfill all your desires, the late evening is when it truly becomes truly surreal. You can enjoy swimming just before dusk to view the impressive Greek sunset, which is absolutely mesmerizing.
Why visit? You can’t really get anyplace better to enjoy watching a Greek sunset than from this gorgeous pool. The beauty of this place goes up by a few notches when the underground arrangements light up the pool when the night falls.


The Sarojin Resort Pool in Thailand is one of the finest and most stunning pools we have ever come across. The turquoise waters that fill up the pool give it a nice soothing feel, while the tropical jungle surrounding adds to the charm of swimming in this pool. When sun rays reach the pool, the color of water merges with the shades of tiles, creating an environment that relaxes the body and soul.
The pool also boasts of pavilions and a jacuzzi as well if you are considering having some water therapy to soothe your body. The place gets even prettier after the sun is down, with the pool lit up with spotlights that give it a stunning night look.
Why visit? If you are looking to go away from chaotic world for a while and just relax, this is the perfect place to unwind. The turquoise colored waters in this fascinating tropical setting will surely make you relaxed.


The infinity pool at the Italy’s Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus with a slight twist. While most such pools are usually designed in such a way that they create an illusion of merging with the beautiful sea waters, this pool doesn’t. It merges with the gorgeous sky and is aptly named ‘The Sky’.
The Sky pool is huge – well over eighty-two feet long with the whole structure suspended above forty feet rising above the actual ground! The base of this pool and walls are made out of glass, to give you the thrill of feeling that you are actually flying!
Why visit? Irrespective of whether you were hiking all summer or skiing during the winters, swimming in this priceless, stunning pool will definitely ensure your stay in Italy was worth every penny you spent. The views of the mountains clad with pine trees will feel even more surreal from this pool, so get yourself a room at this hotel the next time you visit Italy.


People aren’t wrong when they say that some things in this world cannot be shared. This stands true for infinity pools as well. However, if you truly want an infinity pool all for yourself, you need to visit the Jade Mountain in St Lucia to enjoy it. From a choice of over twenty-four grand, sanctuary-style rooms with each having an infinity pool of its own, you can pick one for yourself and enjoy it with your loved one. The pools are aesthetically pleasing, with the ends visually merging with the striking Caribbean Sea. If you want a bigger pool, go for the bigger sanctuary.
Imagine getting up from your bed and slipping straight into your own infinity pool with not a sign of anyone around. You can enjoy swimming, or you can just float and watch the breathtaking scenes of the Piton Mountains.
Why visit? If you are not in the mood to have people around you, this is the perfect place to head out to where you can spend some quality time without someone interrupting your privacy.


When the pool is as large as the Chilean San Alfonso del Mar, you can’t really call it just a pool! This gigantic pool is spread across a total length of over 3300 feet and an area of close to twenty acres! You can stand on one side of this infinity pool and you will very much feel like you are standing on the edge of an ocean.
Also, the San Alfonso del Mar used to claim the top spot in the list of biggest infinity pools on the planet, but has been replaced by the City Stars Sharm El Sheikh now. However, that has no bearing on the fact that this is still a truly beautiful and huge pool. The waters are maintained at just around twenty-six-degree centigrade and look quite like the tropical blue waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Enjoy your swim!
Why visit? If you are a water sports lover and you always wanted to try it in a pool, this is perhaps the only place to do it. You can try out snorkelling, sailing, kayaking or even scuba diving in this pool! Also, you would probably want to take a few photos to make your friends jealous. Or better, ask them to tag alongside you. Sounds fun, isn’t it?


There is probably only one scenario better than having access to an infinity pool – it is having double infinity pools! The picturesque pool at Ubud Hanging Gardens is definitely a dreamy infinity pool with a split-level structure. If you are taking a swim in the top infinity pool, you can only enjoy not only the view of the tropical jungle around, but also of the pool that’s right below! On the other hand, the lower pool offers you the possibility of just walking down the steps made out of stones, or lying on the main island while enjoying the calm sound of water cascading from the pool above.
Why visit? If you’ve always wanted to enjoy a swim in an infinity pool with a view that is totally stunning, this place should be on your travel list. Considered by many (and rightly so!) the most beautiful places to be photographed in, you can take a few snaps for your Instagram stories for sure!


This infinity pool of Marina Bay Sands hotel is one of the most sophisticated and beautiful pools on the planet. The pool gives the impression of being an artificial river surrounded b palm trees, and merges right with the main hotel building! We dare you to look down from the pool, which is a mind-boggling fifty-seven stores from the ground level.
The pool can be accessed only by the hotel guests, and if you want some alone time, you can go there in the morning when there is hardly anyone there. The pool, however, stays open up until 11 in the evening, so you can also enjoy the night view if you want.
Why visit? Singapore is a beautiful city and what better place to capture a selfie than this stunning infinity pool that overlooks the city. Apart from being picture-perfect, the pool is also the largest rooftop pool on this planet. Enjoy swimming in this gorgeous pool and don’t forget to take some photos to post on your Instagram!