Okay, so you have finally decided to visit Europe as your next travel destination. Sounds like a great idea, but planning a trip to Europe is a herculean task in itself. One needs to plan an itinerary, book tickets, get hotel reservations and the to-do list just keeps growing! In such a scenario, missing out on including some of the most iconic and breathtaking places in Europe in your travel list is very much possible. To help you make sure you don’t, we have compiled this amazing list of places that you cannot afford to miss out on your Europe trip. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it!


The longest railway bridge in Scotland, Glenfinnan Viaduct isn’t just well-known because of its presence in the Harry Potter movie series. The bridge boasts of an impressive twenty-one arches that have been ferrying trains through a single line railway track – one hundred feet above the Finnan river! What’s also astonishing is the fact that there are no metal reinforcements in the bridge. Now that is some true magic stuff!
Why visit? The Glenfinnan Viaduct is perhaps one of the most amazing feats of human structures ever built. Enjoy a train ride over this magnificent viaduct and enjoy the most stunning scenes you’d ever see!


Talking of bridges, the Charles Bridge over the Vltava River is perhaps one of the oldest bridges in the world. The bridge has a total of sixteen arches that are at least 500 yeras old, while the towers used in the bridge are from the fourteenth century!
Why visit? The Charles Bridge is famous for its stunning Gothic design. The numerous statues you will come across on the bridge are a must-see, as you would not see anything like this bridge in all of Europe!


A stretch of gorgeous sand located very close to Lagos, the Dona Ana beach is one of the most beautiful beaches you would ever come across. What’s even more surprising and fascinating is that the beach is located so close to the urban Lagos. The rugged cliffs of unusual formations and multi-colored rock, strata, that dot the coastline add another dimension to the beauty of this beach.
Why visit? Well, don’t wait for the sea to further erode this stunning coastline and the rugged cliffs. And in any case, do you even need a reason to visit a stunning beach?


Barcelona is a beautiful city that is known for its amazing architecture and football giant FC Barcelona. However, a visit to Barcelona won’t be complete unless you visit the Sagrada Familia, which was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi – one of the finest of his beautiful designs. The imaginative design with its detailed elaborateness makes for fine viewing.
Why visit? The Sagrada Familia is a wonder you cannot afford to miss when visiting this beautiful city. Take a look at this unbelievable design and sit down for some quiet, peaceful time near the church.


The Grand Canal of Venice is one of the most beautiful stretches of waterway you’d ever see. This three hundred feet wide canal makes its way through the city as an inner-city waterway, and can easily have up to over six thousand boats in a day!
Why visit? The Grand Canal has some of the most incredible architecture of Venice on either side of the waterway, making it one of the most fascinating waterway in the world. Also, you can only view most of these grand buildings through a boat ride. Before the water damages the foundations even more, you should definitely visit this iconic waterway!


Carved out by the running waters of the River Verdon, the Gorges du Verdon runs for over 25 kilometers – that is considered by most one of the most beautiful gorges on the planet. The blue river water makes it look like a place from another world, while the two thousand feet tall gorge sides add a sense of awe and fascination to the whole landscape.
Why visit? The Gorges du Verdon is a nice place to get your adrenaline pumping. Enjoy canoeing through this beautiful gorge and soak in the beautiful scenic beauty on offer.


Located in Ireland, the Cliffs of Moher make the west coast of this beautiful country. The rugged cliffs are very long, nearly four hundred feet, with the steep base merging in the Atlantic Ocean below. These giant, steep nine-mile-long cliffs are one of the finest creations of Mother Nature.
Why Visit? We all have wanted to stand on the edge of the world if there was any. Fortunately, you can get that feeling when you stand on the edge of Ireland. Also, you can go to the nearest pub to have a couple of shots of Guinness to top it off!


The Blue Lagoon located on Iceland’s Reykjanes Peninsula is without a doubt the planet’s most beautiful spa. The stunning azure of waters of this picturesque, man-made lagoon is constantly heated by the volcanic lava lying underneath. Add to the fact that the waters have numerous therapeutic minerals, which heal a number of skin and other medical issues.
Why visit? If you are really in the mood for a spa session, this is the place to do it in the most royal way!


Scandinavia is one of the most gorgeous places in the world, and Preikestolen is perhaps its finest landscape. This gigantic rock formation looks straight out of a Hollywood CGI epic, which is located in the Norwegian forests. These two thousand feet high rocks are nicknamed Pulpit Rocks, which overlook icy waters of Lysefjord. The eighty square feet of plateau adds to the landscape even more.
Why visit? If you really wanted to climb a cliff and shout out to the world what you have always wanted to say, this seems like the best spot to do it!


The Gásadalur Waterfall, also known as the Múlafossur fall, is one of the finest creations of Mother Nature. The waterfall is located in a village that goes by the name of Gásadalur, in the Faroe Islands. The absolutely breathtaking scenery on offer as the water falls down a steep cliff is worth at least once in a lifetime visit for sure. You can also spot beautiful seabirds near the waterfall, which is often called by many as the most beautiful waterfall in all of Europe.
Why visit? If you truly want to immerse yourself in the beauty of Europe, then Múlafossur Waterfall is a place to head out to. With the place far away from the chaos and noise of the city, the place offers a serene and picturesque scene.


Another viaduct on our list, the Landwasser Viaduct Bridge in Switzerland is truly a man-made wonder you cannot afford to miss viewing. Consisting of a single-track railway line that crosses the Landwasser River at an astonishing height of well over 200 feet, this viaduct will surely give you the thrills if you’re not so comfortable with heights. The viaduct was built over a century ago, which makes it all the more fascinating.
Why visit? The Landwasser Viaduct Bridge is a great place to enjoy the scenic beauty in this region of Switzerland. The picturesque river below and steep cliffs by the side add to the thrill. Grab a seat on one of the trains that go through this viaduct and enjoy this man-made wonder!


The Keizersgracht, which also goes by the name of ‘Emperor’s Canal’, is Amsterdam’s widest canal with a width of well over a hundred feet. The canal, just like the one in Venice we talked about earlier, is dotted by wonderful architecture on either side of the canal. While many have been rebuilt into luxury flats, the original facades remain intact.
Why visit? Amsterdam has lots and lots of canals, so if you are really going to see one, go for the biggest canal! You can also go during the winters to skate it down instead of boating if you are into skating.


The Hallstatt village is located near the Lake Hallstatt in Austria. The background looks gorgeous with the rugged mountains and you can easily visit the place by boat. The place seems untouched by the modern chaos and noise with its gorgeous colored houses and cobbled streets that date back to as long as the early sixteenth century.
Why visit? Visiting Hallstatt Village will make you feel as though you’ve visited a place that is untouched by time. If you really wanted to time travel, this place would give you that feeling!


One out of the five towns under the UNESCO Cinque Terre site, Vernazza is truly a spectacular wonder you should definitely visit. The town boasts of a harbor with multi-colored residences and fishing hamlet place that are some of the most amazing things you can spot here.
Why visit? Vernazza was heavily damaged due to floods some time ago. You should check it out before it is damaged even further. Also, if you’re a wine lover, you would love the local wine known as ‘Vernaccia’.


The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is situated on a hilltop and shadows the Hohenschwangau valley located in south-western Bavaria. If you’re into castles and forts, this is a place you cannot miss out on visiting. Built in the late nineteenth century, the heating systems and plumbing works in the castle were considered a modern marvel at the time it was built. It continues to attract tourists thanks to its amazing architecture.
Why visit? Neuschwanstein Castle is known by many as the ‘fairytale castle’ largely thanks to its exterior walls, which have a multi-turreted design. We can’t comment on whether the architecture was meant to be inspired by a fairy tale or the fairy tales were actually inspired by this castle, you can decide that for yourself when you visit this castle.


A village that is located very close to the volcanic lava under it on the coast of Greece, Oia is a village that is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe. The village is located on Santorini Island and is known for its picturesque white and blue houses that dot the landscape. While it may look like a place that has been built recently, the place has a history going back to the early eleventh century.
Why visit? Most of the Greek architecture is either ruined or is in the process of becoming a ruin; Oia is one of the very few exceptions. Visit this surreal island village and immerse yourself in the fascinating beauty of this place.


The Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is considered amongst the world’s most breathtaking waterfalls. Located in Iceland, the Seljalandsfoss Waterfall receives its waters from the melting glaciers, which falls over a steep cliff and falls for well over 200 feet before moving ahead on its course.
Why visit? The Seljalandsfoss Waterfall has a cave behind it, which can be easily accessed by foot. You can visit this cave and get a unique point of view from behind the waterfall, and photos – rainbows included. Also, you cannot find that in any corner of this beautiful continent.


The tallest structure in the city of Paris, you cannot miss the Eiffel Tower even if you want to! The metal construction stands one thousand feet high – towering above the vibrant city of Paris. It took around two years to build and was opened for public view during the 1889 World Fair for the first time.
Why visit? An iconic monument, The Eiffel Tower is the world’s one of the most amazing man-made wonders. The view you get from the observational platform is truly mesmerizing.


Located in Norway, The Seven Sisters Waterfall is actually a group of seven small streams that fall from a cliff close to Geiranger. Definitely not the highest waterfalls in the country, this spectacular waterfall is still over 800 feet. To top it off, the scenic beauty this waterfall has is truly mesmerizing and is definitely a place you cannot afford to miss visiting in Europe.
Why visit? The Seven Sisters Waterfall has its source from a melting glacier. Visit it before global warming takes away this beautiful creation of nature from the face of the Earth!


The Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in Croatia and is a unique creation of nature with a total of sixteen lakes that are interlinked, with picturesque waterfalls and dense green forests as backgrounds. The Plitvice Lakes National Park is located between the Lička Plješivica on one side and the Mala Kapela on the other side. It is known all over the world for its stunning views, and was, in fact, the first place to be made Croatia’s national park!
Why visit? The striking look of the Plitvice Lakes National Park cannot be described in words. Heck, even photographs cannot capture the mesmerizing view and feel of the place. Go visit it and you’ll agree with us for sure!