As a warning, reading this list will either make you fatter or make you sick to the stomach. Right out the door we know some foods are outright unhealthy for us, however these same companies have gone a step further. Instead of sticking to purely unhealthy foods they decided to combine their fatty foods with some of the most bizarre foods that you can imagine.
All the items on this list are complete abominations and are for the people who either want to challenge their taste buds in a weird way, have the weirdest appetites around, or are just weird. Worst of all, some of the items on this list happened in recent years! What are these companies thinking?! I have no idea, but here is the list.


Alright, I’ll be honest with you on this one: this is probably not the most disgusting thing out there. In fact, this is probably the most tame dish on this list. This meal has 2 medium pizzas of your choice along with fries, chicken sticks, and one massive cookie the size of a pizza.
It all seems to be good, but I wouldn’t recommend wrapping all three of these items and eating them together in some weird combination.


Need I say anything about this dish? Well if you’re a huge fan of bacon you’ll definitely like this one. Stuffed with bacon, sour cream, tomatoes and cheese, this taco is entirely made of bacon. Honestly you could probably stomach this one, but I’m sure your body will not like it afterwards.


Remember the time Heinz – the company behind making ketchup, mind you, – decided to make ice cream? It all started when an Irish ice cream shop named Gelati decided to create an ice cream flavour to honour Ed Sheeran in May 2018. Apparently Sheeran was a large fan of ketchup, so Heinz decided to roll out the Heinz Ketchup flavoured ice cream.


Peanut butter and jelly is a delightful combination. But what about peanut butter and hamburger? Well that’s what Canadian burger restaurant The Works Kanata thought of and figured it to be a good idea. On October 2015, the company released a new burger: a Reese’s-stuffed artery clogging burger just in time for Halloween.
Problem is there is nothing scary about this at all. Along with the patty that’s stuffed with peanut butter, it’s topped with onion strings, smoked bacon and crushed peanut butter cups.


The legendary Big Mac is one of America’s iconic foods. Along with that, deep frying anything is one go-to activity Americans do with their food. As such it was only a matter of time until someone had the crazy idea to see what would happen when you deep fry a Big Mac.
Fortunately, McDonalds wasn’t behind this act, but someone on Instagram certainly is. User @peepmysneaks took a picture of this interesting dish and even explained to other people how to make it.


We already know Big Macs and deep frying them doesn’t sound good, but what about making them into sushi? Goodness no! What’s even worse about this one is that McDonalds actually supported this! What were they thinking?!


Oh no, Pizza Hut is at it again. If you thought the triple treat was tame wait for this one. Pizza Hut has definitely been inventive with it’s food, but this one has pushed it’s limits. It first made its appearance in the UK in 2011 and didn’t arrive to the States until June 2015. Regardless, this thing is weird.
For $11.99 you could get yourself a single one-topping large pizza. But instead of the traditional baked crust, it would be replaced with 28 premium hot dog bites that are baked within the crust. You also get a side of French mustard for dipping.


You can look at this dish in two ways: Either this dish is a fairly carb-friendly dish from this particular fast food chain or it’s an artery-clogging protein meal loaded with more sodium and fat you could ever need and is called a sandwich.
The item in question is a “sandwich” with two deep-friend chicken patties that are used as buns. Between them is bacon and cheese. Nutritional facts of this abomination is 540 protein, 32 grams of fat and 1430 grams of sodium.


Colonel Sanders was relentless in starting KFC, but I don’t think he expected this dish to ever be created. Dubbed the KFC Famous Bowl, this bowl is famous for entirely different reasons. The most notable is its overall appearance that is less than desirable.
For this dish, the bowl combines – well more like mushes – mashed potatoes, fried chicken, corn, gravy and a three-cheese blend. Another way to put it is a very lazy Shepards pie and something you’d probably find in a fridge as a next morning meal.
If you can manage to eat this, it has a whopping 690 calories (nice) and 31 grams of fat. It sounds tame, but do keep in mind you’re probably going to be having a few other meals that day.


Advertised as a “zesty citrus sauce” Mountain Dew decided to collaborate with fast food chain Buffalo Wild WingsMountain Dew has definitely made some interesting drinks, but this idea they made in December 2015 was by far the worst.
For those wanting to make this sauce themselves – now you can, with the following: citrus, lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, red pepper, and Mountain Dew classic.


It might be adventurous to mix vanilla and chocolate milkshakes, but wait until you hear this combination. In one of Wayback Burgers newest creations, they attempted to change the muscle-building protein shakes people love and turn them in “dessert experiences”.
They definitely dropped the ball and that much is clear on the first milkshake they made: the Oreo Mud Pie Cricket Protein Milkshake. It sounds natural and delicious for sure. It has vanilla bean ice cream, Oreo Cookie crumbles, coffee and chocolate flavouring, along with Peruvian chocolate cricket protein powder. The rub to this is that it’s packed into a 22-ounce serving and packs a whopping 24 grams of protein. You’re literally drinking protein and your stomach will hate you for it.
The second one is just as bad: Slim Jim Jerky Protein Milkshake. Fortunately, Slim Jims aren’t part of the recipe, but they have put in some things that shouldn’t be in protein shakes. This one has vanilla bean ice cream for starters, but jumps down to maple syrup, barbecue sauce, and hickory spice seasonings.


Oh Heinz, why are you doing this to us? Heinz has definitely made some questionable decisions from that ice cream to other abominations over the years. It seems Heinz is relentless in trying different combinations of condiments like their attempts to push MayochupMayocue, and Mayomust. But this one takes the cake.
In April 2019, Heinz introduced Kranch, a combination of ketchup, ranch and a special blend of spices. At the time of this being published you can still probably get this if you’re really that into this. But, my goodness, is this a weird one.


That’s literally the dish. It’s a mug made entirely of bacon. And judging by how many calories this beast has, it’s a pretty tall mug at that. As a result, there are all kinds of other foodstuff laced in with the bacon to ensure none of the contents spill out.
This gigantic mug filled with heartburn has 2,400 calories and 158 grams of fat as a starter. It uses biscuits, bacon, cream cheese and Swiss cheese to mold and keep this mug all together.


June 2016 was the time Burger King launched a dish that would destroy civilization and ruin human culture for years to come. It decided to launch a creative snack in the form of Mac n’ Cheetos.
On first instinct you’re probably thinking this is just mac and cheese that has Cheeto filled sauce or something. That sounds not half bad, but that’s not where this is going. Instead, Burger King delivered a mozzarella stick crusted in Cheetos dust and is then filled with Mac and cheese.
It makes no sense at all.


June 2015, Olive Garden decided to be innovative and created something that only a handful of people probably wanted. This dish is definitely not something Italians would ever make for sure. For this dish you could have your chicken parm or meatball sandwich served between two Olive Garden breadsticks instead of the traditional bun. How nifty is that? Yeah, no.


Fortunately, not many have to suffer from this decision just yet, but on May 12th 2019 Domino’s made an announcement on Facebook that their Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza is available at specific locations in New Zealand.
The dish in question has canned pasta, pineapple, glazed ham, as well as mozzarella cheese. Not the best move, since you’re already making a controversial dish highly questionable now.


Of course Pizza Hut would be on this list more – because it’s Pizza Hut. While some might think this pizza pie is marketed towards pot smokers or something you’d be off the base on that. This pizza is a part of a collaboration with an Australian restaurant called Four N Twenty. As such, you can only pick up this dish in Australian locations.
Essentially, what this dish is it stuffs eight meat pies all into a single crust. Needless to say, this dish is highly complicated and your insides will likely not be happy. Ironically “It’s complicated” was the relationship status that both companies switched to on Facebook before announcing this collaboration effort.


With every fast food chain turning into part restaurant part cafĂ©, KFC decided to jump into it with this creation. Instead of going with traditional coffee like everyone else, KFC in all of it’s creative glory made this: an edible coffee cup you can have while drinking Seattle’s best coffee.
How did it become edible? Well according to a press release, the cup was made from a unique biscuit that was wrapped in sugar paper and lined with heat resistant white chocolate. This unusual combination of food and beverage will be sold in the UK residence.
But before you think this is perfectly normal – the company has also stated the cup is infused with various scents to remind you of summer. All of the good smells too, like freshly cut grass, wild flowers and coconut sun cream. Cause everyone wants to smell grass while they’re drinking their coffee.


There was a point in Domino’s history, where it wasn’t doing very good. Thankfully, someone came by and helped this company by changing their bread, sauce, cheese, and recipes, but before all that the company was desperate.
In an attempt to salvage and recover the business, Domino’s launched a pizza that no one would ever have thought of nor ever wanted in their lives: an Oreo Cookie Pizza. It was a thin crust of cookie layered with vanilla sauce and covered in cookie crumbles.
It was topped with sugary cream to make it resemble the formation of an Oreo cookie. The pizza was then cut up into several droopy and crumbly slices.
I’m glad the company got better and has mostly stayed on the straight and narrow path aside from that Hawaiian Spaghetti Pizza.


Chicken burgers may be questionable to some people already, but this one is definitely something no one wants to be eating. In China, KFC has done some experimentation with less than desirable results.
In an attempt to attract even more chicken-eaters, the chain started to market a Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Burger. This burger is like any other chicken burger with one bright difference: the buns are rose coloured. How did they manage to turn a brown bun to rose? I have no clue. At the very least, I’m glad they didn’t think of turning the chicken itself to a rose colour.


Marketed as an Easter treat, the food engineers at Prairie Farms decided to do us a favour. If you really loved PEEPs – a processed American dessert – and you love you milk, why not have both of them at the same time?
This milk comes in three flavours: Marshmallow, Chocolate Marshmallow, and Easter Egg Nog. I don’t know what they taste like, but apparently somewhat healthy. According to Prairie Farms, this milk has 5 grams of protein and 15 percent of your daily value of calcium.