If you love anything super-sized, then you are going to love this list. In this list we will cover some truly amazing super foods, but not the kind of superfoods you’d think. These foods are super in that they were created specifically to break the Guinness World Records. They are delectable and range from burgers to even pies.
Of course these foods are massive and have a lot of calories in them so don’t expect these to be healthy at all.


On iconic record holder for the largest hamburger is a burger that was made in July 2011. Juicy’s LLC set this record by creating a burger that weighs in at 777 pounds.
The burger was titled Outlaw Burger and was served at that year’s annual Alameda County Fair in California. The burger in question was 600 pounds of beef tucked between the 110-pound buns. All the other fixings included 12 pounds of pickles, 30 pounds of lettuce and 20 pounds of onions.
For six years, the record was uncontested until a team of Germans overwhelmed the record in July 2017. They created a burger that weighed in at 2,566 pounds, exceeding the previous record holder by three times as much.
Now that is a real whopper!


Hot dogs are pretty easy to devour, though maybe not this one. This hot dog is a beast, measuring at 668 feet. According to Guinness, this hot dog was made in Paraguay in 2011 and consisted of 264 pounds of meat.


There have been some large sandwiches before, but none as big as this one. As part of a 2005 Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, Wild Woody’s Chill and Grill in Roseville, Michigan created a 5,440 pound beast of a sandwich.
Getting into details: the bread was about 3,500 pounds, paired with about 1,032 pounds of cheese, corned beef, lettuce, and mustard.


You should never be guilty of drinking a Venti coffee from Starbucks after this if you’re the kind who thinks they’re taking in too much caffeine. A Venti from Starbucks is insignificant to this cup of coffee. The undefeated title holder of a cup of coffee was made from a company in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 2010.
The company, Gourmet Gift Baskets, constructed an 8 by 8 coffee mug to hold what is now considered the world’s largest cup of coffee: exactly 2,010 gallons.
To put it into perspective, that cup of coffee alone is likely more than you’d drink in your entire lifetime. Even if you are addicted to the stuff.
For those who are sticklers for the numbers: 2,010 gallons amounts to about 32,160 regular sized cups of coffee. That means you’ll need to drink about two cups of coffee every day from the moment you turn 18 until you are 80 to match one cup of coffee from this gigantic mug.


Bruegger’s Bagels is the company behind the world’s largest bagel. They made it in August 2004 and it weighs at 868 pounds. It’s 6 feet wide and 20 inches thick for those curious.


In May 2007, Coca-Cola became the company behind the world’s largest soda float. They whipped this out at that year’s World of Coca-Cola Museum event. This particular float clocked in at 15 feet and housed about 3,000 gallons of ice cream. Again for the number fanatics, they had about 7,200 ice cream scoops full of ice cream in the float along with 2,850 gallons of Vanilla Coke in it.


For those unfamiliar with a mojito, it’s a cocktail mixed with white rum, lime & lemon juice, sugar, mint, ice, and sparkling water or club soda. Sound tasty right? Well apparently some people in Italy think so too. They loved it so much that a group of dedicated fans made the largest mojito around.
On July 14th, 2011, an Italian group concocted a 1,300-liter mojito. The process took about an hour to make with several people dumping rum, sugar cane juice, and mint into a massive glass.
Unfortunately, that record didn’t hold as in April 2016, 4-Jack’s Bar and Bistro decided to make their own. Hailing from the Dominican Republic, the restaurant created a beast of a mojito. By the end of it, the mojito was 3,519-litres, taking the team about an hour and 35 minutes to make. Naturally if you can manage to drink the entire thing solo, you’ll have a massive hangover.


Nachos are delicious and in most cases people can clear through them fairly easily. This isn’t the case though, as participants at Centerplate at University of Kansas created a massive service of nachos. In 2012, they served nachos in a 80-foot-long trough. In it, there were 4,689 pounds of chips, meat, beans, cheese and pico de Gallo sauce. I presume that Tums were also served on the side.
That record didn’t stand either, as in recent years a team of volunteers in Las Cruces took the record further. In 2018, they unofficially added a few extra hundred cheesy chips to this dish, making the platter weighs in at 5,039 pounds. This platter was created as part of the city’s Noche de Nachos event.


In 2010, restaurant chain Chick-Fil-A started this record by creating a 1,140-gallon cup of sweet tea with ice. That record got broken massively in 2016 when Summerville, South Caroline created the same beverage, but clocking in at 2,524 gallons.
They did this by using 210 pounds of loose leaf tea and 1,700 pounds of sugar. Summerville is still the record holder and declared itself as the “Birthplace of Sweet Tea.”


You can’t go wrong with pizza and many people agree with that. Of course some agree with it too much. That was the case in South Africa in 1990. Back then, the Norwood Pick ’n Pay Hypermarket cooked a gigantic pizza that weighed almost 27,000 pounds. That record held until 2012, where an Italian team with chef Dovilio Nardi broke the record by making an even larger pizza.
This new pizza had a surface size of 13,580.28 square feet. It was dubbed “Ottavia” Roman for “eighth son.” Out of the other foods on this list, this one is probably the healthiest. It’s gluten-free. Why? Because it was made specifically to highlight celiac disease.


Have a hankering for breakfast? Well, omelettes are the way to go. It’s hard to argue again these fluffy and delicious meals. Naturally some have taken it too far and that was the case with this particular omelette.
Made in 2010, this omelette was made by the Turkish egg producers in October for kicks. The group wasn’t too serious as two years later, a team from Portugal, with chef Pedro Mendes at the helm, cooked up a magnificently large omelette. At the end, it weighed in at 14,225 pounds. This 6-ounce omelette was made entirely with free-range eggs, 145,000 of them to be eggsact.


A great treat amongst couples, some people have taken the couple treat too far. For a long time the record was held by the residents in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania in 1988 for creating a banana split that spanned 4.5 miles long. However in 2017, that record was broken by residents in Innisfail, Australia who made a banana split measuring 4.9 miles long (26, 378 feet).
The split required 12 hours to make and had to use 40,000 bananas.


Chocolate is delicious, but too much will definitely make you sick. This especially applies to this one. In 2011, the largest bar ever made was made by Thorntons PLC in the UK. It weighed in at 12,770 pounds and was over 13 feet long.


Ice cream and cake? Can’t go wrong with this combination. Dairy Queen Canada thought the same idea when they set this record in May 2011. This delicious treat weighed over 22,000 pounds and required the cake to be weighed on a commercial airline scale.
This colossal majesty was a chocolate ice cream cake with buttercream icing and was designed by a group of food engineering students from the University of Toronto.


The world’s largest cupcake was made in 2011 and still remains uncontested at the time of this being posted. Virginia’s Georgetown Cupcake is where it’s at and it might sound familiar if you watch reality TV. This cupcake was shown as the star attraction in TLC’s reality show DC Cupcakes.
The cupcake itself weighs 2,594 pounds with 600 pounds of buttercream, and Jawbreaker sprinkles.


On the note of cake, cheesecake is also a lovely delicacy as well that has been grown to epic proportions too. For this record, it all started when chefs from Kraft Foods Mexico made this cheesecake in January 2009. The cake weighed at 4,700 pounds then. The record got overtook in 2017 by the Cheeseberry Company who made a 9,347-pound cheesecake in Stavropol, Russia.


Even the Cookie Monster would struggle with eating this beast. In May 2003, the Immaculate Baking Company in North Carolina decided to make the world’s largest cookie. This chocolate chip cookie weighed 40,000 pounds.


A Thanksgiving traditional dessert, this pumpkin pie was perfect for the largest holiday gathering around. New Bremen Giant Pumpkin Growers in Ohio are the record holders for this pie, as in 2010 they decided to make the biggest pie around. It weighed in at over 3,600 pounds.


Mexicali made a taco in 2003 that still stands unchallenged today. The taco in question was over 35 feet long and was stuffed with onion, coriander, and steak. Eight grills were needed in order to cook the meat alone.


November 2010 was when the world’s biggest burrito was created. Created in Canirac La Raz in Baja California, this creation weighed 12,786 pounds. Fish and beans were crammed into this massive and singular flour tortilla.


Going back to Canada for this record, as the Northwest Fudge Factory in 2010 decided to make a slab of fudge that is still undefeated. The company created a fudge that weighed 5,760 pounds and contained maple, vanilla and chocolate. A truly Canadian Neapolitan fudge.


Another Canadian record holder, this time for a delicious Christmas treat. Created in Edmonton Alberta in December 2000, this cake weighed in at 5,500 pounds.


Some people may not be big fans of fruit cakes, but clearly that’s not the case with these German residences. A group in Germany in 2014 created a 9,500 pound fruit cake. To what purpose, I don’t know. But try regifting this to other people.


Macaroni and cheese is amazing and fans of this dish are drooling at the sheer size of this world record holder dish. Cabot Creamery is the company behind this dish and thanks to chef John Folse & the company, they whipped up a 2,400 pound dish of cheesy and creamy goodness.
It was made in 2010 and required a cast-iron kettle that weighted 1,900 pounds in order to make all of it.


Cinnamon rolls are incredible and delicious and Wolferman would agree. The Oregon-based company created the gooiest cinnamon roll you can think of in 2018 and it’s the current record holder for the largest cinnamon roll. This particular sweet is about 1,149 pounds and needed 220 cinnamon sticks and 147 pounds of cream cheese icing to make.


According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest sushi roll belongs to Tamanna, Japan. In 2016, they created a sushi roll that measured in at 9,332 feet. It required about 400 people helping in order to make this.


For the health nut, you probably want to go for a salad. Well maybe not this one. In 2013 Jensen Jewelers created a salad bar for the Salad Bowl Bash in Michigan that year that took the record. This salad bar measured about 688 feet and had veggies like carrots, onions, celery, cucumber, and cabbage.


Man’s best friend definitely deserves a treat now and then. But maybe not this one. Unless your dog is the best one out of them all, you can reward them with a dog biscuit that Hampshire Pet Products made. The Joplin, Missouri business made a 617 pound dog biscuit in 2011 that is still the current record holder.