7 Discounts Seniors Only Get If They Ask

Don't make a move on your bills until you read this...  
New savings discounts are now available that can help you to save money and improve your lifestyle. They are truly incredible discounts but most people have never heard about!
Furthermore, the only way you get them is if you ask. So most Seniors never receive them, and save the money that they are entitled to.  
bigomg.com has compiled the 7 best discounts + savings deals available to people in the United States (plus a couple bonuses). On this page you will find a short description of each as well as a direct link in order to make it easier to take advantage of each discount.  
There are no limits to the number of discount that you can claim (we recommend you claim at least 2 offers below before they expire). Keep in mind that many of these offers expire very soon, so it's important that you act quickly.

1. Get Up To $3,252/Year ($271 Per Month) Mortgage Reduction

Still unknown to many is a brilliant mortgage program called "Refinance Relief", a new program that replaces HARP (which helped over 3.3 Million Americans reduce their mortgage payment). You can bet that banks aren't to thrilled about losing all that money and thats why they try to keep it a secret. 
When Homehowners visit the Harp Replacement (Refinance Relief Programs) website, they might be surprised to see that they qualify for a plan that offers them very low interest rates and reduced mortgage payments. These new programs replace HARP, the Obama-era mortgage relief program, and can help Americans to reduce their monthly payments by as much as $3,252 per year.
Our readers are fortunate, but millions of U.S. homeowners miss out simply because they are unaware of this program. All U.S. homeowners can apply to this refinance program for FREE, and it's very easy aswell. If you want to lower your payments, pay off your mortgage faster and put an extra $271 back in your pocket each month, then this could be the right program for you.

2. Save Up To 70% On Car Insurance

Would you like to pay less than $50 per month for your car insurance?  
Car insurance is mandatory for every driver, but that doesn't mean you have to a lot for it.  
If you have no accident or violations in the past 2 years, chances are you can get a much lower rate than you currently pay now. See in the past you had to shop around your local agencies to compare rates. Today you can take advantage of online tools that show you rates side by side allowing you to see the best option in just minutes.  
These online tools are free to use and easy to use, join the 5% of Americans who figured out how to pay less for Insurance today!
3. Get A Home Warranty
Still unknown to many is a brilliant Home Warranty Program called Choice Home Warranty, that could help benefit millions of households and help them never pay for covered appliance failures, furnace breakdowns, electrical issues and so much more.  
You likely have homeowners insurance, right? The Choice Home Warranty Plan is similar to a homeowners insurance plan, but it actually covers many things that an insurance plan won't, like a broken fridge, furnace, or an electrical malfunction on a ceiling fan. In fact many homeowners like to get the Choice Home Warranty Plan to pair with their homeowners insurance.  
Often times, new homeowners are offered a 1 or 2 year home warranty plan when they purchase their home. This can be a huge bonus for the home buyer since it takes away the stress of having to pay for likely issues that might come up during the first year or two of owning the home. Issues such as a broken refrigerator or dishwasher aren't fun to deal with. Or how about a broken furnace or air conditioner? These would like cost $1,000s of dollars to repair.  
Luckily, homeowners now have the option to get a home warranty plan anytime after they bought their home. Even if you've lived there for 20 years, you can still get your own home warranty plan that will cover the cost of many unforseen home repairs.
4. New Policy Helps You Get $250,000 In Coverage For A Record Low Premium...With No Medical Exam (Optional)
If you don't have life insurance, you better read this  
When people visit National Family Assurance, to check for life insurance quotes, many are surprised by the results. Most people can't believe that the available rates are actually real, but the truth is that they are, since rates have dropped considerably for life insurance policies in recent years.
The reality is, thanks to a new policy it is now easy to qualify for $250,000 in life insurance for a record low premium, with no medical exam (optional).  
5. Enjoy Eating Out With Senior Discounts
If you don’t feel like cooking be sure to turn to these places for good dining deals. From fast food to steak restaurants, our compiled restaurant list will definitely help you make your choice.  
Keep in mind that deals may vary at participating locations and can change without notice.  
Olive Garden: $6.99 unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks ■ BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse: Movie & a meal for $20 ■ PF Chang: $6 "Happy Hour" with wide variety of food and drink options ■ Buffalo Wild Wings: 1/2 off traditional wings on Tuesdays ■ Chili's: "2 For $22" two diners each get an appetizer and an entree. ■ Red Lobster: Unlimited Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Endless Shrimp for $15.99 ■ Applebee's 2 for $20: Two salads or an appetizer, as well as two main meals with sides ■ Domino's: 2 Pizzas for $5.99 each ■ Outback: Walkabout Wednesdays - Steak or Chicken with fries and a drink $9.99 ■ TGI Fridays: Get "Bonus Bites" for every $25 that you spend

6. TV’s Shrewdest Shark Shows One of The Best Ways To Utilize $50 

When Robert Herjavec and Neil Patel launched the Angels & Entrepreneurs Summit, they had only planned to invite a small group of guests to join them... but then Neil revealed something truly shocking.  
During this clip (about halfway through the event), he reveals indisputable proof that anybody can transform their life through angel investing, starting with just $50!
You owe it to yourself to watch this life changing tutorial right now.
7. Enjoy A New Movie At A Discounted Price
Who doesn't love going to the movies? Below is a list of some of the best movie going discounts:  
AMC Theaters (60+): 30% Discount on purchase Regal Cinamas (60+): 35% Discount on purchase Georgia Theater (Varies): Discounts vary by location Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas (60+): Matinees only $6 on weekdays B&B Theaters (60+): $1-$2 Ticket discounts Celebration Cinemas (60+): $2 Discounts on all evening shows Fridley Theaters (All ages): "Bargain Day" every Tuesday Marcus Theaters (60+): $5 Matinees on Fridays Showcase Cinemas (60+): "Senior Wednesdays" discounted ticket prices  
So enjoy a day or night out at the movies!

8. (Bonus) Backup Your Entire Computer INSTANTLY - With A 50% Discount On The Hottest Gadget Of The Year!

If you're like most people today, you probably have all sorts of important and valuable things stored on your computer.... family photos, legal documents, manuscripts, important files... all sorts of stuff!  
And, if you're like most people, you probably do NOT have all of it backed up... and don't have dozens of hours with which to sort through and catalogue everything either...  
This could be EXTREMELY bad news however, as 1 in 3 people will eventually lose all their photos and files in a computer crash or other accident!
Luckily there's a new solution... It's called:  
InfinitiKloud is an amazing device that automatically searches your computer and backs up all your photos and files with a single click! No hassle, no stress, and no tech skills required!  
You can backup as many devices as you want with InfinitiKloud - and it even comes with an adapter so you can backup your smartphones and tablets too!  
9. (Bonus) Traveling The World For Less
Many cruises offer discounts for seniors if you book long enough in advance. Another tip most people don't know about is that if you are traveling alone, you can book a single occupancy room and pay less.
If you are traveling by train, consider Amtrak. They offer a 15% discount to seniors. You can also find discounted airline tickets for seniors, but this might require a little more work.  
Some airlines only offer these discounts on specific flights, and oftentimes you can't apply them online. Nonetheless, if you are willing to do the research, chances are that you will be able to keep your prices down.

10. (Bonus) Look Who's Going Bankrupt In The U.S.A.

Do you hate having slow Internet and constantly losing your connection in certain parts of This multimillionaire who accurately predicted the collapse of many of America’s most iconic companies says an even bigger surprise is just around the corner… In short: A terrifying new trend is creating thousands of new millionaires (Barron’s reports 20,000 to 200,000 so far) while at the same time destroying the financial future for many others.
This trend involves an entirely new financial technology that’s about to change everything. And this breakthrough has nothing to do with the “hot” new technologies the mainstream media is obsessed with these days, like electric cars, artificial intelligence, 5G, or robotics.
It’s actually much, much bigger.
Learn exactly what’s happening now… the steps you should take… and why this could be the end of capitalism as we know it.

11. (Bonus) SuperBoost Wifi – Stay Connected In Any Corner Of Your Home
Do you hate having slow Internet and constantly losing your connection in certain parts of your home?  
Nothing is worse than getting home from a long day at work, just to have slow Internet when you are trying to relax.  
Fortunately, with SuperBoost WiFi you can make sure your entire home is covered no matter where you are. You won't lose another minute to a spotty Internet connection. 

12. (Bonus) Genius New Tech Gadget Slashes Your Electric Bill in Half
Whenever you see the "Check Engine" sign come on in your car, doesn't your stomach just sink? You know that you will need to go to the mechanic, and you are likely to come It is no secret that the price of electricity is steadily increasing each year, but thanks to this new Nikola-Tesla-inspired technology, USA seniors can save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year on their electric bills.
It's called ÖkoWatt and its tech was originally created by no other than the legendary Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist, Nikola Tesla. Initially it was concealed from the general public because it offered average families the opportunity to save on their monthly energy costs. ÖkoWatt is a small, compact, affordable, and easy-to-use plug-in unit that stops unnecessary power from entering the electrical cables and overloading the network. ÖkoWatt is your power company's worst nightmare. They have been trying to hide ÖkoWatt from the everyday consumer and have even banned it in retail shops.