We all have often come across people we find annoyingly difficult to take our eyes off. However, have you ever noticed that those who have roots from more than one race are most of the times much gorgeous to look at. Maybe it’s because they are an amalgamation of the best of both. Or, is it just me who thinks that?
Whichever side you may be on, we have compiled a list of twenty-one celebrities who belong to more than one race and will surely compel you to reconsider your opinion.


On our 21st spot, we have Shay Mitchell who is an actor-model-author-entrepreneur. Born to a Scottish and Irish father and a Filipino mother in 1987, Shay has been a part of the popular series Pretty Little Liars. She is also actively involved in philanthropy and has campaigned against sex trafficking and for bettering the lives of the LGBT communities.


Her angelic eyes must have left you wondering about her ancestry. The Gossip Girl, Jessica Szohr is of part Hungarian and part African-American descent. Szohr has starred in a number of films, series, and music albums. Her best roles include Two Night StandThe OrvilleComplications, and the most famous being Gossip Girl.


This list would be incomplete without Maya Rudolph. She can make you laugh and also leave you enchanted with her beauty at the same time. A mother to three girls and a boy, you would never be able to guess the age of this Robert Altman Award winner. Maya’s mother is African-American while her father is Jewish. She is an actor, comedian, voice artist and a singer. She has played keyboard for the famous band The Rentals and is also known for her role in much-loved movie Bridesmaids.


None of us would have missed any of the High School Musical films. However, do you know that one of the lead actresses, Vanessa Hudgens began working as early as she was just eight years old! Daughter to an Irish and American father and a Filipino mother, Vanessa was brought up in America. She has proved her mettle in both singing and acting.


Shaffer Chimere Smith aka Ne-Yo needs no introduction. He won over the millions of hearts in the world by songwriting Let Me Love You. We all have danced to the tunes of Stay and In My Own Words, but many of us would be unaware that Ne-Yo didn’t have a very happy childhood as most of us did. His parents estranged when he was quite young and was raised solely by his African-American mother. His father is part Chinese and part African-American.


With greenish-blue eyes, Jesse Williams occupies the sixteenth spot on this list. We will need help breaking contact with those eyes. Jesse has been nominated for People’s Choice Award for his role in Grey’s Anatomy. He was born in 1981 to an African-American father and a Swedish mother.


Do you need to be introduced to this five times Grammy Awards winner? This songwriter, actress, singer, and a mother shot to fame with her very first music album Genie in a bottle. Christina went on to sing one of the biggest hits of the time Dirrty. Her mother was Irish, Dutch, German and Scottish and her father had Ecuadorian roots. She created a huge fan base for herself with her single Ain’t No Other Man.


I bet there would be no person on Earth who would look at this lady and not appreciate her beauty. Her father was German and English, while her mother was part Vietnamese and part Chinese. The two separated when Olivia was very young and was brought up by her mother and stepfather. Her most known works are The Newsroom and X-Men: Apocalypse.


Do you believe in fairytale marriages? I am one hundred percent sure that Meghan does. Her wedding to Prince Harry was one! Meghan’s exquisite wedding gown left us all gaping at it with our mouths wide open. This retired actor, philanthropist, mother, a feminist is Dutch, African-American and Irish. Her most appreciated works include Horrible Bosses and Suits. She announced her retirement from acting before getting engaged to Prince Harry.


The Rock or Dwayne Johnson has as many female fans as males. Females want him to be their boyfriend while males want to have a body like him. Dwayne is an inspiration to fitness freaks around the world. This former wrestler, actor and football lover has Scotian and Samoan roots. He has been a part of one of the most loved film franchises Fast and Furious. His autobiography topped the New York Times Best Seller list. Johnson has also supported a number of activist works.


Born in London to a Jamaican mother, Naomi’s flawless skin has made many of us wishing for one like hers. But, do you know that this actor and supermodel has never met her father? Yes, that’s right. Her parents got divorced much before she was even born. Raised in Rome and London Naomi began taking up modeling work at the age of fifteen. She has also done her bit to increase awareness about breast cancer and has supported a vast number of other causes. She also made headlines for the blood diamond scandal she was involved in. Campbell was also accused by some people of having assaulted them.


With melodious voice and godly features, Demi is on the tenth position of our list of most beautiful mixed-race celebrities. Her father is Mexican and her mother is Irish. This singer, songwriter, and an actor garnered fame from her role in Disney’s Camp Rock. Her songs such as SkyscraperTell Me You Love MeSorry Not Sorry made her our favorite.


This actor’s beyond perfect looks must have led you to question his ethnicity. We are here to help you. This Saturn Award winner’s father is African-American, Jamaican, English and German and his mother is of Russian, Dutch, Syrian, French and Swedish descent. Do you know that it was Wentworth who screenwrote Stoker? This Prison Break actor has been a part of other popular television series such as The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow.


Can anyone ever have enough of those eyes? I swear I could never do that. This Brazilian model and actor was given the title of Victoria’s Secret Angel. Yes, she is that special to the brand. She has Swiss, African, Portuguese, Japanese and West Indian roots. Adriana has modeled for top brands such as Puma and Maybelline.


This Guardians of the Galaxy and Fast and Furious actor was born to a German, Scottish, and English mother who brought him up in New York. Vin is also a producer and a director. He has bagged many awards including the People’s Choice Award for Furious 7 and Fast Five and MTV Movie Award for Fast and Furious 6.


I am sure you enjoy her rap. However, do you know where she hails from? Well, this rapper, singer and songwriter was born in Trinidad and Tobago and has Japanese, African-American and Indian roots. Nicki is not just a talented singer, but also a very pretty woman. Her dimples are a treat to the eyes. This Anaconda singer has won American Music Awards six times and has also been nominated ten times for Grammy Awards.


Her soothing voice leaves us begging for more. We can never get bored of VisionHero, and All I Want for Christmas is You. Born to an American and Irish mother and an African-American father, this “Songbird Supreme” has more fans than any other singers. Mariah has won many accolades, including five Grammy Awards. She is also mother to twin girls.


Could we complete our list without this beauty who is only getting prettier with age? The more you praise Cameron, the lesser it will be. Born, in 1972, to a German and English mother and an American father, Diaz has performed varied roles before announcing her retirement from acting in March 2018. She has also been a model and authored a couple of books on health and fitness. Her best works include The Bad Teacher and Knight and Day.


This Canadian actor’s mother is English, while his father is of Hawaiian and Chinese descent. He has starred in films such as Point BreakLittle Buddha, and Speed, but is best known for his role in The Matrix series. This Constantine actor and a motorcycle lover has supported many causes, which seek to create awareness about cancer.


I know you were wondering, which position would this Colombian singer-dancer be on our list. Her songs such as Waka Waka and Hips Don’t Lie still have the charm to drag us to the dance floor and make us shake our hips. Her dancing moves can make any professional dancer envious. She has won three Grammy Awards and seven Billboard Music Award. Her father is Lebanese while her mother is Spanish and Italian.


Here is the person I am most excited about. Angelina had to be the winner of this list. Nearly everyone loves her for one reason or the other. Some want her ex-husband, while some want to have many kids like her. Be it her acting, activism, wedding, break up, or anything else, she is always in the news. Jolie has six children – three of whom are adopted and the other three she has given birth to. This Academy Award and Globe Award winner has battled depression and breast cancer. She has also been honored by Queen Elizabeth II for her humanitarian work. Her father is part German and part Slovakian and her mother is French Canadian, German, and Dutch.